I vow to know the Holy Law of Thelema, and to receive its Holy 93 Current.
I vow to know the Holy Supernal Will, and to communicate its Beauty.
I vow to purge the tendencies of ill will from my being, and to realize Divinity.
I vow to Attain unto That to which I aspire with Desire of Love unsurpassed.
I vow to devote my whole life to Pure Will, unassuaged of purpose, delivered
From the lust of result, enthroned upon the foundation of Perfect Love.

from BREVARIUM BESTIALUM - Aleisterion 777

93 93 93


вторник, 20 августа 2013 г.

The Feast of Beast&Bride (part 1)


Rejoice with me, Sisters and Brothers, 
there is no law beyond 
Do what thou wilt!

"BABALON! The manifestation of the Whore of the Scarlet Current, our lady of the magical power of the vibrations of the Serpent-Flame, unveiling the Gate of Infinite Space & Infinite Stars. (It is the Heaven without a God, without place or position, outside of time – it is all about ye, and yet within ye.) "

"There is no evocation of the Beast: he is aroused not by any word of man, but only by the sensuous singing of his lady Babalon: invoke his flame and achieve his force, and carouse her to sing! Ye are all the Beast! and Babalon is the life & matter of ye and all around ye. Achieve Hadit by ministering thy love unto Nuit: by living & loving & rejoicing in all, dreading nothing, courageous in everything, achieving thine own Genius as thou wilt, and doing all to thy delight, with subtlety & rapture therein."

"Love as ye will: be what ye are within, not without: your gender is in your soul, not the flesh. There are men in the guise of women and women in the guise of men, then there are both – let one know well any other, for all love is perfect!"

"Those who would bind love, so as to enslave the beloved, know not love, and are not of us; but there are binds and binds: let the joyous play as they will!"

"Yea, this is our lady of Infinite Space & Infinite Stars across all dimensions; and she is powerful to awake the lust & worship of the Snake: and this worship is love, not service. She is therefore the begetter of new life from mystical death, and Kali. But believe not that lie, That Thou Must Die: verily thou shalt not die in death begot, but wake to Life long forgot."

"The power of lust is the vehicle, and your mind and body are the key, but the Way of the Beast & Babalon is the destination, and deliverance from self-limitation."

"Devotion unto Babalon, in all worthy women, is the key to eminence &
enlightenment: but it is the devotion not unto a god but unto the God in and about thyself. Love ye openly and with sanctity, and sanctify with blasphemy; for the contraries are one. Your joyful living is her worship, for she liveth with ye, as doth her holy Beast. Be ye therefore as beasts, and indulge your desire, but maintain your beauty & regality. Be not wholly animal: master your compulsion, indulge your predilection, and banish your prepossession, by unknowing what you have known, and becoming the Knower of All & None."

"Let her women learn to wield the power of lust; and if they will, let them lure ye all with the tune, and arouse ye with the dance, and flood ye all with the holy Scarlet Current. But all worthy women have their gifts to give, each all her own. Let them do as they will, with purity & passion & purple pleasure: their beds shall be the delight of Hell's own worm. Blessèd is the blood of the moon, monthly: for it signifies the fertility of Babalon to give birth to eternal Supernal life in all humanity & animality, both here & hereafter – and hereafter as here!"

"Blessing & worship to the Scarlet Star!
And to the Whores & Beasts, its Avatars!
Blessing & worship let be poured
To the Shadow of the mystical Lord,
Whose hidden light enlivens the Night
In the deeps of a bottomless Whore.
ShT! ShT! Shin & Teth! amidst all & none.
Dragon of subtle Force & Flame!
Holy light of the secret Sun!
I am a Servant of the same.
Aiwass! Aiwass! Shaitan Aiwass!
Thou art the Master, and I none,
Spawned of To Mega Therion!
Hail the Beast! that spouts the stars,
Stirring the Snake of each woman & man!
For the Scarlet Woman, without condition,
Love, Lust, Light, Liberation!
'H Kokkine Gyne, O holy Whore
That opens up the secret door,
Thy joy hast fully come:
At last thy beauty which was concealed
Is openly shown to the beast of the field,
And the unveiling is finally done."

93 93 93
 Quoted verses are taken from 
LIber BAB vel Olun by Aleisterion 
(Apostolic Minister at the Holy Thelemic Church)

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  1. But I would love wanted to join this triangle. :)
    Oh I dream every day of the triangle.

  2. I love you, dear.
    Father, forgive her...
    and them.
    Riseabove this sick-o world:
    Be gone, Satan!
    Drink your poison yourself!!
    Meet me Upstairs, gorgeous...

  3. I love you, dear.
    Father, forgive her...
    and them.
    Riseabove this sick-o world:
    Be gone, Satan!
    Drink your poison yourself!!
    Meet me Upstairs, gorgeous...